You Will Never Walk Alone: Sunday Inspirational Video

Only at times like this, when I come across The voice of Elvis Presley unexpectedly, does the magic of his voice, of the atmosphere he could evoke with his velvet voice, do I realize how much that voice is etched in the formative years cialis cheap of my life. This is a very inspirational video but with some sadness too. I hope you enjoy listening to Elvis sing again.

In complete contrast here is an amazing performance, I think, stunning performance, of the same song by Renee Fleming. I offer it here just for the sheer joy of the contrast. I don’t want you to make a comparison since in essence these are completely different songs.

I just find an awesome joy in how something so basically the same can be so different. This is a testimony to the amazing talents and creative abilities of the human mind and the human spirit. I hope you enjoy both videos. Unfortunately I can’t embed this one you will just have to follow the link.

Let me know what you think of these videos.

Enjoy your Sunday with family and friends.


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