You Are the Artist of Your Life


I arrived home yesterday from a trip up to my sister, Susan’s home in Alliston Ontario. I left here Thursday afternoon for the three hour drive. My assignment: To help my sister and brother-in-law, weed their huge vegetable plot out at their friends’ farm.

Weeding might not be everyone’s idea of having a fun time, but I love it. Not the weeding so much but the chance to be out in the country, breathing in country air, listening to the quiet without the background roar of traffic, and being deeply entrenched in the present moment. You have to stay focused otherwise you pull not only the weeds but the little vegetable seedlings, like the carrots, radishes and beets. So drifting off down the side roads of the past, or worrying about tomorrow’s tasks isn’t really an option.

Living in that moment is very liberating and calming and healing. Which makes me wonder why we don’t strive to be in the present moment more often in our lives, although if you are reading this, then you probably rank up in the top 10% who believe that living present, is a worthy goal.

What is it that keeps us from living this bliss?

Some when during the weekend sitting out on the deck with my sister, on a lovely breezy warm afternoon, in the shade of two towering maples, and sipping our tea, and talking about letting go, and meditating, my sister asked about all those people who don’t seem to be interested in living more in the moment, and how do you convince them to take that time to let go, to meditate, to be more in the moment. (She didn’t word it exactly like that, but that is the gist of it.)

My first response right off the top of my head.

“I would ask, do you want to lower the level of stress in your life?”

In our crazy frenetic world…most people would probably answer yes.

To the yes I would ask; “Can you find ten minutes in your day, each day, just ten minutes, to sit quietly and learn to still your mind.”

Ten minutes is all you need to start with. Out of that a practice can grow.

My sister persisted though. “But what if they don’t want to give up that ten minutes each day, don’t want to get up a little earlier, don’t want to take time from their busy schedules.”

I shrugged and said, “You can’t force people to change. But you can lead change by being the example, by modeling to others through your own actions.”

What you live, people will notice. Without any effort to proselytize your fulfillment of your own personal commitment to expansion and fuller expression, shines a light for others to follow.

And what do we need to do to live more fully in the present moment? Find our joys, our passions, our loves, and live them as fully as we can, as often as we can. And learn through a self-focused practice, to simply let go.

Of course getting to the “simply” part is also a journey. But therein lies the joy, the joy of discovery, the joy of progress, the joy of living into your birth right of expansion and fuller expression.

And the nourishment that brings forth that growth is love.

The only way to let go of something is to love it.

You can’t let go from hate, or dislike, or denial, only from love.

Love yourself enough to start the process of letting go.

You are the artist of your own life.

How you manifest the form of your life, is art.

We are all artist creating the greatest portrait of all, our own becomingness.

Through our own art with inspire and influence the art of others.

With Love


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