Walk Beside Me: Inspirational Sunday Video #288

One of the most magical relationships to me, is that magical relationship, companionship, between a human being and a dog. Dogs are wonderful spirit guides, showing us a way to live in the present in love, and with a passion for all those things going on around us, that sometimes, we as humans forget to look for and enjoy.

I celebrate the dogs who walked with me on our journey.

And this video is a beautiful example of the gift these wonderful beings can bestow up on us. Enjoy.

Pedigree: By My Side from Public Record on Vimeo.

Sunday Thought to Take With You

One of the most beautiful books I ever read is:  “The Art of Racing in the Rain: by Gath Stein. The book is narrated by a dog, Enzo who is at the end of his life and he is reflecting on his life and all that he’s learned. And so this week the quote comes from the book at a point where Enzo is looking forward to coming back as a human being.

“Here is why I will be a good person. Because I listen. I cannot speak so I listen very well. I never interrupt, I never deflect the course of the conversation with a comment of my own.
…I beg of you, pretend you are a dog like me and LISTEN to other people rather than steal their stories.”
Source:  Garth Stein, The Art of Racing in the Rain: A Novel

Spiritual Humor


Handle situations


That’s a wrap for this Sunday. Take the time to day to be alone with yourself and walk in quiet places.



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1 thought on “Walk Beside Me: Inspirational Sunday Video #288

  1. Awesome video Nick. Certainly a testament to “man’s best friend”

    It is awesome to see and hear stories of the healing power that an animals companionship can bring.

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