The Three Flows of Prosperity Thinking and How They Can Help You

Prosperity thinking is not just about money or getting the things we want in life, its a way of being present in our lives. It is a spiritual awareness of our divine nature. When we are whole an complete we understand we cannot be separated from divine source, from  eternal supply.

Of course we are spiritual beings expressing partly in a physical environment.

The more we go into agreement with the evidence of the physical world and loose sight of our divinity then we begin to sink into separation and into scarcity thinking.

And you and I know how easy that is to do.

Which is why I talk of prosperity thinking as a way of living, a way of thinking that with practice opens the world of spirit in ways you might not imagine possible while living in an evidence based world.

So what are the three flows I mention in the title?

The three flows  came to me as I thought about the Unity prayer of abundance:

Divine Love through me, blesses and  multiplies all that I have, all that I give and all that I receive.

The three flows then are: what you have, what you give and what you receive.

All That I Have

The very foundation of prosperity thinking in based on gratefulness for all that you have. If that gratitude does not exist we literally push away any kind of wealth be it health, happiness, satisfaction, or material wealth.

Notice the word “all”. The prayer isn’t, “blesses and multiplies what little I have”.

The first practice of prosperity thinking is to give thanks for what exists now in your life.

As I sit here writing this post in my outside office I look around me and truly feel blessed just in what I see with my eyes. The colorful tropical flowers, the trees moving in the breeze, the twittering and chattering of the birds, the butterflies: there is a gorgeous pure fellow one fluttering about these orange blooms.

I’m also listening to some beautiful music coming from a church nearby. Panamanians love their music load.

My office desk is a humble white plastic outdoor table I bought last year when I was here. I love it because it’s easy to move around from my outdoor office space to my outdoor breakfast nook to my outdoor supper nook.

Stop me! I’m close to going on a rampage of abundance.

Make a practice of gratitude in your life.

I. Keep a gratitude journal. Using it daily will help you live in gratefulness for all that you have.

2. Express your gratitude as good things happen to you during the day. A simple thank you is all that is needed. Make sure you extend that appreciation to the people around you who are part of your life in anyway, including strangers.

3. If you find yourself struggling with scarcity thinking, or dealing with a momentary set back, or feeling diminished in any way:

Click this link to listen to a Rampage of Gratitude. 

Further instruction can be found on that page.

All That I Give

Prosperity thinking is not just about receiving. If we only receive and never give, our flow of prosperity would get trapped like water behind a dam. The river is still flowing but only a trickle is getting pass the thick walls of our mental dam.

Prosperity is a flow. It must move through us  which means we must be willing to give that which is flowing through us.

Giving is an act of faith in receiving.

The magic of ten percent.

Many books talk about giving ten percent of all that comes to us. This keeps the flow open so we don’t cut ourselves off from infinite supply.

One of the best books on the subject is: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth by T Harv Eker

Toward the end of the book he has a section on how to disburse your income . I have been using his method for 2 years now. It’s changed my life.

Make a practice of giving.

1 If ten percent is out of your reality right at the moment, decide on a weekly allowance for giving.  Here I am specifically talking about money. Starting to do this even in the smallest way begins to open the inflow to you. You can give to a favorite charity, a spiritual organization or community, or just a random expression to someone or something in need.

2 Many people testify to the effectiveness of giving away what you are not using in the form of cloths, equipment, furniture. Clean out a closet, or a garage or a storage area. There are lots of organizations ready and willing to put your generosity to good use.

All that I receive.

If you do the work on the other two flows this flow will begin to generate more of what you want in your life

For this part of the flow clarity is very important. Part of prosperity thinking is to continually focus on the things you want.

If we are new to the whole concept of prosperity thinking we probably fine it easier to think about what we don’t want. Unfortunately when we do that we continue to attract, those things we don’t want. However there is no denying that its a good starting place to get to where you want to be.

Make a practice of focusing on what you want.

1 Create a list of what your don’t want. List everything out that you think about as what you don’t need in your life.

2. From that list create a list of what you do want. Take your negative thinking or your thinking in lack and turn it around into positive statements of  what you want.

3. Once you have created your second list, destroy your first list and focus your mind on those things you do want.

Building lists of what you do want.

I have several lists of what I want on the go all the time. Say you want a new house. Create a separate list for your new house. List what you want it to look like, what you want to put in it, where you want it to be located. Then as things come to you go back to your list and ad them in. If there is a vacation you want to take, create a list of what you want for that vacation.

You could make list for each area in your life. The one caution I make is that at some point they need to be integrated into a holistic expression of what you want, or in other words, your dream.

This practice helps you clarify and more fully visualize what it is you want. As you do that you draw those things closer to you.

Multiply by 10.

I learned this technique from a book I highly recommend to you The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder.

Use this when ever money arrives or leaves.

“I give thanks that this (name the amount: example $5) is but a symbol of the inexhaustible substance of the universe. I give thanks that ten times this much or (name a sum ten times as much as the original amount: example $50) is now on its way to me and quickly manifests in perfect ways.”

Write this on an index card and carry it with you until you have it memorized.

Use this when paying bills, or when you get paid or receive money.

You’d be surprised how much this changes your prosperity thinking after just one shopping trip!

The book is awesome, full of great affirmations in all areas of prosperity thinking with very specific affirmations for various situations.

Immerse Yourself in the Flow.

The prayer I mentioned at the start is a great place to start to immerse yourself in the flow of prosperity thinking.

Books, DVD’s YouTube, podcast. Our modern world blesses us with the ability to design our own masters course in any subject.

Find a spiritual community or group near you.

Partner with a friend to coach each other on staying in the flow of prosperity and away from scarcity thinking.

Imagine yourself somewhere out in space taking a shower in the radiant energy of the universe as the gold light moves toward you and passes through you.

You are in the flow.


With Love

Nick Grimshawe





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