This is Your Song: Sunday Inspirational Video # 190

We’re back after Christmas Break with a powerful inspiring song.

What makes a song inspirational? Do you know? What qualities should an inspirational video have. I’d love to hear your thoughts about this below. Maybe your comments will inspire my search to bring you those heart stopping, eye tearing videos, that up lift and stir your emotions…that make you feel in ways that perhaps you are a little afraid of feeling.

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In this video the passion is powerful. Emotion is clear in every word every look, every gesture. The theme wrenches at the heart. It is a universal song about the power of a loved one to help shape our lives. Ronan Keating expresses something soul stirring that resides in us all.

Ronan wrote the song for his mother, and for himself to deal with her passing. While there is sadness…the sorrow of losing a loved one, a mentor and a guide, there is also the joy of the human experience, the joy in the opportunity to share part of the way…to be together to share part of our journey with another traveler.

We are all bless, if we really look into our hearts with those special people that found away deep into the creaky recess of your soul.

And you know that one day we will all sing along.

Put on your headset, sit back, allow all the emotion and passion to flow through you. Don’t fight it…don’t try to push the emotion away…absorb it, embrace it…for there is healing here…a release…a lovely memory.

This song is a treasure for you to hold. Play it through a few times, just like I did before I decided this was the right song to kick off the New Year…a memory and a going forward, passion and emotions stirred.


Be sure to share this precious Sunday with Family and Friends and walk with them in quiet places.


Until we meet again






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9 thoughts on “This is Your Song: Sunday Inspirational Video # 190

  1. This song has been playing in my mind for the whole day and I found it here in your post! This must be my song for today! 😀 And yes, I really do adore Ronan Keating! 😀

  2. Great song! I love the piano do you have any music sheet of this song? Well very inspiring. I love it.
    Christina R. Morris recently posted..MLM

  3. Hi Christina.

    Yes it is a great song, full of passion and emotion, sad but inspiring too. Glad you liked it. I’m looking for suggestion for this feature. do you have any?


  4. Liked it, this song has been playing in my mind for the whole day and I found it here in your post, full of passion and emotion, sad but inspiring too, thanks for sharing
    Chris Danial recently posted..How to do forex trading

  5. Hi Chris, Thanks for stopping by. Yes the song is still playing in my head. I found myself humming in recently and it took me a moment to realize what I was doing.

    Be Inspired


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