The Opposite of Victim Feed Back.

The Opposite of Victim Feed Back.

Here are some of the comments for the question about
what would be the opposite for victim.

Survivor, that’s as far away as I can get from victim. (J)

Here I am to suggest the opposite for “victim” , I would like
“Victor”. Day to day Challenges requires us to come out a victor
and not a victim. (P)

I feel Leadership is a choice for opposite for victim. (PD)

So there you have it so far.

To summarize:


I’m working on creating a poll on this one. I’ll keep you posted.


Dan MillmanAn author of the million-plus copy bestseller, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, as well as the classic, The Life You Were Born to Live. Dan is considered one of the most prominent and influential teachers of our time. His seminars, with their messages of hope, humor, and spiritual wisdom, draw thousands worldwide. A youthful grandfather, Dan lives with his family in northern California.

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2 thoughts on “The Opposite of Victim Feed Back.

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