The Gate: A Parable about Resistance

The Gate by Monica Aiellano-Opin
The Gate by Monica Aiellan0-Opin

 There is a gate at the half way point of our walk. I have walked this road along the top of a dyke for many years with friends both two legged and four legged. The dyke runs through farm land in a sweeping curve offering lots of room for dogs to run and play freely: doggie heaven if you will. In all those years I have seldom encountered anyone else.

Yet there is this gate. We use it as our turn around place. To get to the gate means you walk at least two miles so it makes a logical place to turn around and start back. For awhile there was a huge post that the gate was chained too. The rule was that you had to touch the post before you turned back.

On the other side of the gate the dyke road continues on.

Over the years there have been several manifestations of that gate.

When we first discovered the walk, the gate was old and dented and rusted and always left open.

Then one day as we neared the gate we could see that the farmer had closed, chained and padlocked the gate. I thought it was strange but wondered if the Farmer was trying to discourage people walking though his part of the dyke for some reason.

This precipitated an ongoing battle between the farmer and some other force. Over the years the gate has gone through several manifestations. I have personally seen the gate trashed severally on three occasions. Each time the gate has been destroyed, a new gate, or a repaired gate soon appears to again block the road. Of late each gate has been replaced with a bigger and sturdier gate.

The last gate that got trashed also took out the huge anchor post that we have been touching at our half way point for years. I was sad about that because that post had a very grounding effect. When you touched that post you were sucked into the present moment, if you had not made it there during your walk. The post had the ability to ground you, to bring on that inner sense of peace and serenity. I shook my head at the vandals that would continue to cause the farmer so much havoc and expense and went on my way.

Today all that changed!

All morning I kept receiving this message to go out for a walk today. Either Felix (my four legged companion) was getting really good at projection, or the universe wanted me out there on that dyke for a reason.

 As it turned out the universe blessed me with four different messages…wow! One of those messages was to view the gate in a whole different way.

As I neared the gate today I couldn’t see it. My first thought was, “Oh no, not again.” That’s when it hit me. The gate was a message about resistance and what happens when you resist something, and idea or a fear or even abundance.

The farmer was resisting traffic through his portion of land but every time he put up the gate someone came along and took it down.

Closing the Gate by pyth0ns
Closing the Gate by pyth0ns

The same thing happens to us. We can, like the farmer erect a bigger, firmer, stronger gate, but whatever you are resisting will find a way to tear through any barrier you erect. You cannot build a solid enough barrier to keep that thought, or fear, or pain out. The barrier is a magnet to attract by its presence, the thing that it is erected against.

So the first lesson here (there are three simple lessons in this) is to find a way to give way, to surrender, to open the gate and just leave it open.

Also, another thought came to mind as I approached that gate. Why was there a gate there in the first place? As I said earlier, very little traffic on the dyke gets all the way to the gate. In the five years of so that I have been walking this trail, I have met maybe five or six people who have made it all the way to the gate. Most turn back long before they get that far.  So why erect a gate in the first place. I assume the farmer wanted to keep out motorized traffic, because it was easy to get around the gate if you were walking. Yet any motorized traffic I have ever seen on the dyke (ATV’s mostly) came from the farmers side of the gate and appeared to be his son’s and their Tadacip friends. The gate, the resistance, didn’t serve any real purpose.

Are you erecting gates that serve no purpose? When you think deeply about it, I am sure you will realize that those resistance barriers really don’t need to be there in the first place. When you remove the resistance, there is nothing to attract the thing you are resisting. Strange how this universe works. And that’s the second lesson: you don’t need the gate.

Finally here is the other thing that hit me.

For most of the last five years I have been sympathizing with the farmer. I would shake my head and mutter about disrespect and vandalism even in the middle of nowhere. “Like why do people have to do such things?”

But today my perspective changed: The vandals where messengers, god-sent to teach a lesson.  Vandals transformed into teachers attempting to show us…the futility of resistance. “Look, here is what happens when you build an object of resistance.”

See how a little shift in perspective changes something from bad to good?

How can you apply this to your life?

Where do you find the biggest issues in your life, the biggest problems? That is where you have erected the biggest barriers of resistance.

Try this exercise.

Identify an area in your life where you are having trouble, big or small, it doesn’t matter.

Now ask yourself what is it exactly that you are resisting?  In your mind visualize that resistance as a gate, blocking the path. Once you have that image in your mind, reach out your hand and push open the gate. Practice doing that visualization until the resistance fades away. You might have to do this a few times every day for awhile but the more you push open the gate the less resistance you will feel.

Also try to shift your perspective. We usually try to resist things we think are bad. Try looking at the situation as something good. The shift will help you push the gate open or get rid of it all together.

Try it and let me your results.


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