Ten Short Guided Meditations

Short Guided Meditations are wonderful tools for you if you feel you  do not have the time to commit to a longer daily practice. I have chosen some favorites here for you to use.

What you might do is listen to a different one each day for ten days. Make a New Year’s resolution to get through those ten days, then look at any changes you have experienced. Write a journal entry about the changes you’ve  noticed and then either repeat the sequence or search for some new guided meditations, or join a program like

Holosync, a program I’ve used now for over 4 years.


Ten Short Guided Meditations

#1 Awaken Your Spirit




#2 Mindfulness Guided Meditation with Deepak Chopra





# 3 Beautiful Morning Meditation





#4 Choosing Happiness





# 5  Relaxation, Stress Relief, Stillness





# 6 Non-dual Guided Meditation






# 7  Chakra Meditation Balancing & Healing




# 8 ENERGY HEALING Guided Meditation





#9  “Self Talk” – Guided Meditation





#10  Healing The Heart





There you have it. Ten wonderful meditations. I have included a range of subjects to meditate on. Please don’t get hung up on some of the words or techniques  just follow and do the guided meditation.

Please let me know how you do with these.


Until we meet again,






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