Exploring the Multi-Dimensional You: Book Review

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Elaine Seiler is the author of Multi-Dimensional You: Exploring Energetic Evolution a fascinating book that will have you challenging your own limited thinking and eventually embracing the idea of   the multi-dimensional world just beyond our  own limited 3 dimensional viewpoints we all commonly hold.

I want to prepare you for this book, because I believe your first reaction to Elaine Seiler and her energetic work will be one of disbelief. You will run quickly into your narrow thinking and attempt to shut our what Elaine talks about in this somewhat rambling but spell binding book. My only suggestion here is to acknowledge you are thinking with a 3 dimensional viewpoint on a subject that really requires you to cross the divide into the multi dimensional world of energy.

If you can over come that prejudice you will settle into a startling encounter will a new world just beyond your borders.

First off this book is an autobiography of Elaine Seiler’s life, a roaming biography that moves back and forth in her life span with out regard to any earthly time sense…you need to let that go. Because as you read you build up an image of this amazing woman, in just the correct energetic sequence.

Elaine Seiler has led a very interesting life indeed.

In the book she talks about her slow awakening to her work as and energy or light worker, slowly coming to understand consciously what she had been doing most of early life subconsciously. In stages she make the transition from 3 dimensional awareness across the bridge and fully into the world of energetic dimensions.

“Nothing is static, Energetic frequencies are changing all the time. We, and everything in our world, are made of energy  and as such, we too are changing—with or without our awareness.” Elaine Seiler.

One of my favorite chapters is Chapter 13 where Elaine interprets some of her dreams from an energetic perspective, eschewing the more accepted psychological ones. Here the book really shines as you take a glimpse deep into the universe that Seiler inhabits.

Another aspect of Elaine Seiler’s life I find myself energetically drawn to is her venture into sustainable farming in Australia. The farm is caught up in a strange way with her energetic work, yet her stories about her trials and tribulations in managing and being the financial backer for the farm is very interesting and the relationship between this very physical earth based three dimensional work and her acceptance deeper into the energetic world is a fascinating contrast that helps elevate our understand of all the difficult concepts Elaine is talking about in her book.

Another part of the book I relished is Chapter 15, Manifestation in a Multi-Dimensional World where she outlines sixteen commandments of Multi-Dimensional Manifestation. Commandment Three resonated with me:

Quoting form the book: “Ensure that your values support your intention. It is essential that you probe your values. Check to ensure that what you value is really in alignment with what you are seeking. Are you seeking to be of service or to make a profit? Are you seeking a healthy lifestyle for your family or a larger and more luxurious house to show off to your associates?  When your values are clear, your intentions are supported and manifestation is possible.”

As you read through the book you feel the changes taking place in the author as her presence as a three dimensional being thins and her world of energetic reality reshapes her into energetic form where the role of energy and the constant shifting of form , space and time take her across the bridge into a world in a sense far more real that the one we inhabit every day.

I noticed after awhile, as I read the book, I found myself becoming more and more aware of the energetic fields around me. I started linking events in very different ways, and taking intuitive leaps on things that had previously eluded me.

Reading this book will change you. It will open   you up to a wider, stranger view of the world than you  had before and you will find you are a little less confined my the walls of this three dimensional physical universe. You will find yourself slipping through the spaces into the world of swirling energy. Enjoy the journey. I certainly did.

You can order the book  by clicking this link: Multi-Dimensional You: Exploring Energetic Evolution

I would love to hear your feed back about this review and any feedback you have on this book.

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