The Law of Cumulative Effect

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As you read this newsletter this morning, I will be out on the Shalish Sea heading to our retreat on Vancouver Island. The scene won’t be as wonderful as this, because the weather forecast is for gale force
winds which we hope won’t interrupt our travel plans.

Doesn’t matter, though. It’s just great to get away and recharge the batteries, do something different, and really let it
all go for a few days of quiet.

I expect to do a lot of walking in quiet places along wind swept beaches.

Last year on my way to the Cabin at Black Creek I wrote an article called The Curvature of the Earth. I am giving you the link here because our subscriber base has grown quite a bit since then or you just might like to reread it.

The Law of Cumulative Effect in Relationship to the Law of Attraction

I Googled the phrase but it doesn`t look like anyone has promulgated the law yet. So here goes. This is my first attempt so I reserve the right to tweak it here and there.

The Law of Cumulative Effect states that any action repeated consistently will manifest in the physical universe eventually. You are, I am , a living and breathing example of this. We are the cumulative effect of actions with have repeated consistently over our lifetime.

Most people operate with this Law unconsciously. The unconscious actions are habit we`ve developed, daily routines that have become a way of life, thought patterns that have become so entrenched they are like much traveled paths in the forest.

When we take conscious control in the form of consistent daily practice we begin to direct the Law of Cumulative Effect to our advantage.

Take the first step in my Beginner`s Guide to Transformation: First thing when you wake up you clap your hands together and say, “I’m having a great day!”  The first time you do this, you will probably swamp your positive affirmation with a negative backlash that might go something like this:

“Yeah right, I’m having a great day. That’s a joke. I feel crappy, I’m still tired, I’ve got a throbbing headache, the alarm didn’t go off and I’m late for work and the damn dog is on the bed and panting in my face. Who the hell is having a great day? This is stupid.”

After that experience you might try it again the next morning, but you probably won’t. And sadly that is where it  ends for most people.

Only with dogged determination and persistence do you begin to change that backwash of negativity into something less and less dramatic, until one morning you wake up, clap your hands together and say…”I’m having a great day.” and the Universe complies. You have trained the Universe to obey you! The Law of Cumulative Effect which you have been consciously directing has piled up in your favor and become manifest in your universe.

When you write out each day ten things you want to attract into your life today, the same process is at work. When I first started, nothing much happened for quite awhile, but eventually I stated to notice things on my list had somehow manifested in some way. Now things might not manifest quite  the way you anticipate them to manifest. For instance, I started putting on my list a request for money so that I could afford a coach. That’s been on my list for at least two months. Yet two weeks ago, I got my coach…a really good one, and it didn’t cost me anything in terms of money!

Now some things I put on that list the first day, almost a year ago, still have not manifested. They are the ones I have the most resistance to. The ones I really don’t believe will happen. Yet, the more I work with my list, the more often I see things on the list manifesting in my life the more the resistance to other items on the list decreases. The Law of Cumulative Effects at work again.

Here is a… what do you call it?…an ancillary to the Law of Cumulative Effects: When the Law of Cumulative Effects equals or is greater than your resistance to manifesting the item– the item will manifest in your universe.

That’s why a conscious daily practice is important….and if you haven’t all ready done so, you can start today. I have developed a simple daily practice to get started with. Download it HERE.

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