Solitude Matters: Sunday Inspirational Video # 236

This video really resonated with me. I enjoy solitude. I love those times with myself when I can explore the deep solitudes this universe provides us with. I love to read…I love the world of ideas and yes I love to explore and extrapolate those ideas with others…but first and foremost, I treasure those blissful quiet times when I first discover a new way of looking at something, or a new insight, or a sudden epiphany. I truly believe my life is richer for those moments of solitude…the sinking down into my soul of the endless silence the permeates all things.

And yet again…at this is the thrill of doing this feature every week, there is magic here. I would not have discovered this video, had I not been deeply engrossed in a stunning new book: The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly? by Seth Godin. In the book he references the video you are now about to watch. I came across this reference this morning, Saturday April 20, the day I typically look for a video for this feature.

That’s the magic…if you are paying attention…that happens all around you every day.

Enjoy the video…enjoy the magic of Susan Cain as she quietly delivers a very emotional, wonderful and inspirational talk.

Your feedback is more than welcome it is deeply appreciated.

Pay attention: The Universe is Loving You.

Nick Grimshawe.


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