Imagine: No Boundaries: Sunday Inspirational Video # 241

I am on a rampage. A rampage to bring magic back into our world. In the scientific age magic became a parlor game using sleight of hand and misdirection to perform  magic that everyone knew was only a trick. The better the trick the more amazing the feat the more appreciation from the audience. Science convinced us that magic didn’t exist…that everything could be explained by physical laws…a Newtonian view of the universe took hold and held us all in its sway.

Fortunately now, science is breaking the spell it weaved so long ago as the magic of the world of quantum mechanics  begins to confirm that in truth magic does exist after all.

In this amazing short video from TED watch as boundaries are removed…how the physical and nonphysical borders blur at the edges. Some might say this is more sleight of hand….perhaps. Perhaps you are not ready to change such a strongly in grain belief system.

However, if you look around you…the signs are everywhere. Magic exists even into your everyday life. You just have to look for it. Be prepared to be amazed.


Are you ready to belief in magic again? Did you always believe magic saturated this world. Let me know. I’d love to hear from you. Use the comment section below.

And until we meet again,

On this special day…your special day…take time to walk in quiet places…where magic abounds.

Nick Grimshawe

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