Imagine the Possibilities

Imagine by Nick Grimshawe

Imagine the possibilities when we allow love to be the food that nourishes our soul. By living from love we acknowledge the wisdom of the earth and enter a pure state of divinity. The temple of the earth is such that we are all blessed beings able to  evolve our spirits and purify our hearts. Know that like sunshine through the tree of life you are a ray of hope for every person you come in contact with. Imagine!

Source: Micheal Teal

If we could just wave a magic wand and purify all the hearts of the world…to cast aside hate, and fear and jealousy; what a world we would inhabit.

We would still have our challenges…feeding all the hungry children, caring for the sick and infirm, teaching a message of hope rather than destruction. We would still have our hands full.

If today, every man woman and child ,¬† read this quote as they rose to greet the morning, if they could consume love to nourishes their souls…then we would all be blessed beyond measure.

But that won’t happen this morning…but perhaps some morning soon.

If each and every one of us this morning consumes the food of love, then each in our circle of influence will brighten No prescription cialis the day for all those we touch.

Whether you consciously understand, or not, you ARE a ray of hope shining gloriously before the sunrise, adding to the glory of the light that beautifies our world.

You are blessed.

Have a bright sunshiny day!




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