Now We Are Free: Sunday Inspirational Video #145

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This is beautiful. The music is haunting , the voice magical, and the photo’s of the fields of the earth call out to you. There is also something else very magical in this video or more correctly with the singer: Lisa Gerrard. The song is sung in a language that borders on the familiar. What language you ask?

If you don’t all ready know, Lisa sings in a language entirely made up by her.

To quote Gerrard from the bio-notes at YouTube, “I sing in the language of the Heart. It’s an invented language that I’ve had for a very long time. I believe I started singing in it when I was about 12. Roughly that time. And I believed that I was speaking to God when I sang in that language.”

Don’t listen just once, listen a few times and let the language put you in touch with source…however  you conceive of that. It’s also a great piece of music to meditate too.

The neat thing about the artificial language is you can make up the meaning for yourself as you follow along. There is no constriction caused by the use of real language that carries it’s own integral logic and meaning which is then impose upon the listener.

Make up your own song as you go along

Sunday Quote

All that lives…lives within the Light of your Self.

Source: Guy Finley

Have a wonderful Sunday with family and friends, and remember to walk with them in quiet places.


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