What Have We Done to the Rain? : From the Diary of Noy Post # 30

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What a day! My general (4-legged Levitra Professional daughter) and I couldn’t wait till morning to find out the on goings in the backyard. I check on additional fallen branches while she marvels on her secret find (ancient bones!).

The whole yard is much greener now, despite the massive drop of leaves and branches all over the place. They seem to have been rejoicing for the enormous amount of rain that came. It’s everywhere. Plentiful.

The farmers are in jubilance once again: A much-needed relief after consecutive years of drought. The threat of water restrictions is also at a halt. The dams/catchments are overfilled, which means we will be enjoying a good supply of water for few years or more. Flash flooding is the only possible drawback should more heavy rains emanate. Some low areas had already been experiencing surges. I could only hope that the grim weather wouldn’t materialize further, as earlier predicted. As far as the forecast, we were to be experiencing more heavy rains until next week. It looks like three weeks is not enough? It’s been 3 weeks, yes. And some northern parts of our state have already been heavily flooded (more than 10 metre river swells) for more than a week now. As of this writing, more heavy clouds are looming on the horizon. A lot of beaches in our area have eroded – sand dunes were on 3 metre-drops. The waves were delivering massive froth along the shores – looking like giant cappuccinos. Holy flow! They are the only holidayers’ delight this time of the year; and so far, the only remaining consolation for visitors, and locals, alike. Hinterlands are not a good place to be around as the roads going up are not as stable either.

From this bizarre situation with the additional things going on, we vaguely have a hint of what is still to come. I used to worry a lot about all these unexplained phenomenon. My imagination tends to go beyond the boundaries. And I used to be a worry freak. Not as much now.

Wet Figurine in Noy's Garden
Is it STILL raining?

I remember a few years ago, the same situation happened. I would say it was not as bad as the on goings these days. But I feel like it was worst (I was left with a damaged van!). I remember the incident very vividly and won’t forget it because the shade cloth’s base (wood) panel left so much woodpecker beak-like marks as it swung and swayed savagely … onto my van! I should have kept it in the garage. It stayed in the carport because it was much more accessible and more practical for my use. My poor little Barbie (I had it done in 2 levels – ‘wholly’ carpeted … in pretty pink!).

These days, I just have to be calm and wish for a better outcome of the situation here. More heavy downpours, I wouldn’t mind. Rain is always a welcome grace, a blessing from nature. I love the effect it gives me. I feel cool, calm, collected. It soothes the whole of my being. It gives me a feeling of security, of being at peace with my own spirit. It gives my mind a bit of a reprieve from the hustle-bustle of life around. It creates a feeling of oneness with the self. I love its scent and its soft touch as it lingers around, wrapping my soul with its eternal blessing. It always leaves a rejuvenated feeling after: washed and refreshed and renewed; a promise of bountiful days to come: Brightly blessed days, indeed.

But as an old cliché goes, “what have they done to the rain?”. It seems no longer interested in serving and doing its “royal duties”. At times, it seems to be venting out its anger on some unexplained things. Not anymore the sweet gentle rain falling on one’s head with enthusiasm. Instead, it comes with such a (?) force, a fury, revenge.

With all that has been going on, not only here, but in most parts of this precious world, I just hope that Nature would sort things out … for the better. Water is getting scarce: A universal dilemma. And when it comes, it does its grand entrance with vengeance. Let us hope that we get these much-needed rains in abundance, yet on a gentler and kinder approach.

We have more than enough trials in life and so many tribulations going on. The world is in anguish, it is in turmoil. And Mother Nature is crying and seeking help. Let us look after this magnificent Earth with extra care. We only got one.

Look after yourselves … and the REST: The one which is part of you and me. We are living in a totally magnificent and exquisite place. Let’s eternally enjoy it … by nurturing it. It doesn’t ask much in return, we just have to be mindful, respecting each and every living thing (and non-living) in this wholesome planet – treat it with utmost care. Have a contemplative day!

Keep smiling … I am,


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