You Say It Best: Sunday Inspirational Video #205

Love is the theme of course since it’s mother’s day, but I didn’t want to use a mother’s day song but rather something that speaks to love and to the emotions we feel when we think about our mothers.

This is a beautifully sung song of love which could be applied to a mother or any loved one. Ronan Keating has a way of imbuing a host of emotions into every word he sings. So play it for your Mum or play it for yourself  and let the music fill your heart to silence.



Mother`s Day has a different meaning for me with my Mother living beyond the veil now. While she was alive it was a call, a card, and maybe flowers or a little gift of some kind. Now it is a thought, a memory a remembrance.

In a strange way it is sweeter now, than before she is all around, in the air and the sunshine, in the plants and the sky. She is often in the garden…along the paths, stopping to read the sign I`ve posted under the arbour just for her. The love is greater now, removed as it is from the limits of the physical universe. We touch at all points, in every atom and in every cell.

There is no place for tears of sadness only the joy of infinite presence, infinite love, quiet, abiding , and serene.

Celebrate with the living, honor the spirit of the departed this Mother`s Day.

With Love



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