What You See Clearly You Get

What you are living is the evidence of what yo...
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Clap you hands and exclaim in a loud voice, “I’m having a great day.”

Now you’ve set the stage for a wonderful time, no matter what the weather, no matter what you do.

That’s how simple the Law of Attraction really is. We complicate it with our complexity. We add layers that aren’t there. We invent difficulties, problems and obstacles and thus we have to work our way through those difficulties, problems and

Our challenge, which is also a tremendous opportunity, is to open up to a literally life-changing way of thinking ourselves into existence.

Source Sol Luckman

Simple and easy are not the same words, though they often get confused. While Law of Attraction is simple our minds stand in the path of easy.

A millionaire doesn’t look at making a million dollars as difficult but most of us  look at the task as very difficult indeed.

What is the difference?

The millionaire  imagines that being a millionaire is possible and see himself in those terms. Imagine the thing clearly and completely with all the five senses engaged and believe no matter what that it will happen…and it will. Simple, right?… easy if you do the work.

Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.
Source: Albert Einstein

Letting go is a simple act….yet for me at least more difficult that I ever thought possible.

How about you? How are you doing with letting go? What tools do you use to move yourself forward? Letting go (metaphysically) doesn’t involve a single concrete action. We have trained ourselves, however , to reach out and hold on for dear life.

As I Attract The Way, I Will Travel It.

Matthew Ward

This quote by Matthew Ward, is beautiful in it’s simplicity. The path we are on right now we attracted, whether you have that level of awareness or not. So if we let go of all that stuff…we love to hold onto, not just the physical things, but the anger, the grudges, the fear, the complaints, old bitter memories,  then you consciously begin to attract the way…which is your created way.

Try This Exercise

What do you hold onto…that you could let go of today? I’m not talking about everything…what one thing are you hanging onto right now on this beautiful   morning, that you could let go of..for good forever more? Make a list and pick one thing to let go of today.

See them always as open, and thus the doors shall be.

Source: Johni Redd

What you see clearly you get. If you see doors that are open, they shall be, but if you see doors that are closed they will be too. If you see money struggles clearly…you will have money struggles. If you see problems with your relationships your relationships will have problems. If you see a glorious day you will experience a glorious day.

Each day…take time to create the way of your day…and you will travel your way…every day of your life.

At the resource page of Beautiful Summer Morning you will find some resources you can use to help you create the day of your dreams…today. Just click HERE to download what is available.


Walk in Quiet Places.



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