What You Affirm You Become.

Loving affirmation
I affirm therefore it is true.


What Kamagra You Affirm You Become

©Nick Grimshawe

Recently I’ve heard a lot of talk about efficacy of affirmations. On several recent teleseminars I’ve listen too, the host or guest have suggested that affirmations don’t work. They suggest that because an affirmation is not true in real time that they only serve to re-enforce negative mind chatter which in the end only underlies lack rather than plenty.

Before I delve too deeply into this I want to define affirmation, giving first a dictionary definition and then a self growth definition. Understanding how we use affirmations all the time is critical to making my point.

Here is the definition from World Book dictionary, my favourite source on word definitions. I am going to use the root of the word because I think in really clarifies what I am about to affirm.

Affirm: [verb transitive] to declare to be true: say firmly.

Affirmation: [noun] a positive statement…an assertion.

Affirmation(I am going to use an definition I found in The Success Principles(TM): How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be by Jack Canfield.

“An affirmation is a statement that describes a goal in its already completed state.”

Source: Jack Canfield

I want to give you an example from each definition so you can see where I am going with this.

Affirm:  I am so stupid I will never learn how to do this.

Affirmation (first definition): I am always happy. I am always sad.

Affirmation (second definition): I am so excited with the view of the beach from my new beachside villa I can’t wait to go out and paddle my feet in the ocean.

In the first example the person declares something they believe to be true: It is not necessarily a positive statement.

In the second example you can give a positive statement but again it doesn’t HAVE to be positive.

The third example, by definition must be positive and state a future goal as if it has all ready happened.

I want to go back to the first example. If it is true that our self talk is mainly negative ( at least in the untrained mind) then it follows that we have been making negative statements about ourselves most of our lives. I hear people saying these affirmations all the time…and when you look, because they have been repeated over and over, like a mantra, as a way of telling their story, you can see the results in their lives. The efficacy of their affirmations is without question. Their life is a living example of how well affirmations work.

I am totally adequate
Write three times, Say three times aloud.

Most of us have used them. I bet you can name one you’ve used over the years and can see the result of it in your own life.

So what about these self help gurus who say that my affirming something that hasn’t happened yet, encourages the negative self talk. They are of course correct.

Try it for yourself. Say an affirmation about yourself that is obviously not true and note what happens in your mind. You got negative chatter, right!

So how an earth can affirmations work?

Well in all has to do with how we wire our brains.

When you first say something like, “I am too stupid to understand that, “you are talking out of frustration or repeating what someone else has said to you, like a loved one. At first you not believe the statement. But over time as you repeat the statement and you hear it repeated to you, you begin to create a neural-pathway that wires in that statement in your brain. Soon you come to believe that affirmation and you begin to manifest the results of it in your life.

Now go back to an affirmations that are part of the self growth, self development tool kit.

When you first start out you don’t belief what you are saying. You have not yet created a neural-pathway, but the more you repeat the affirmation, the more you feel the affirmation, the more you believe the affirmation to be true, you wire a new neural pathway in your brain. Since the brain cannot distinguish between what is real and what you have imagined to be real…you begin to manifest your affirmation. This is a physical manifestation that actually does take place in your brain.

The whole self growth movement and every one of the tools in the tool kit are really based on the plasticity of the brain and our ability to change our behaviours toward all the many potentials open to us.

The greatest tool for self-growth, self-development, and creating an ideal you is awareness. Watch for those affirmations that talk to the old-self and not the new self.

So polish off those affirmations you may have put aside because you didn’t believe could come true and begin the work (the practice) of becoming the you of your dreams.

Just remember: what you affirm you become.

Nick Grimshawe

I would love to hear your comments on this article. Tell me the most amazing thing you’ve manifested and how you did it.

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