Have You Seen Dana Offer Her Special Gift to Wayne Dyer?

Hay House World SummitI am excited and thrilled to offer you a seat at The Hay House World Summit 2013.

Hay House is the preeminent publisher of self-development, personal development books on the planet. Louise Hay founded the publishing house from her basement many years ago, and since then with lots of work and effort the publishing house flourished. And now…as a culmination of much of their work to bring us some of the leading visionaries of our times, they are celebrating with their first ever annual world summit.


The Hay House World Summit starts on June 1st and so far, there are participants signed up from 204 countries and territories around the world.


When you Register you will immediately receive access to six bonus videos… 10-minute sneak previews of candid conversations with these amazing teachers: Louise Hay, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Esther Hicks, Suze Orman, Cheryl Richardson, and Doreen Virtue.


In addition, Hay House just added a new bonus video that they would like to share with you. The amazing video below was recorded at a recent Writing from the Soul Workshop with Dr. Wayne Dyer in Denver. This video is a miraculous story of courage and healing and shows that we can truly do anything we set our mind to. The title Hay House gave to the video is “Dream the Impossible Dream” and after you watch it you will see why.

Please enjoy this video and share it with a friend if you are inspired by it.


Three years ago, Dr. Wayne Dyer met a woman in a wheelchair during one of the Hay House I Can Do It Cruises. When he heard her harrowing story he was moved to tears. He took off his purple beret and handed it to her. She clutched this precious gift and made a promise to Wayne. “I’m going to give this back to you when I can get out of this chair.”


This woman’s name is Dana.

Just a few weeks ago, after 20 years in a wheelchair, Dana surprised Wayne with her own precious gift…

I’ve watched the video and I warn you ahead to have tissues available…just in case. It is a very moving story.

 Access the Video Now

I urge you to register and join us from June 1st to 10th to hear these enlightening conversations in full and for free! Hay House will release at least ten audio teachings each day, which means that there will be over 100 hours of free material to discover every day from your favorite experts in their respective fields.

I can’t tell you enough how uplifting this amount of positive energy will lift you up. Trust me on this and try the first video mentioned above.

 Register Here

There are a lot of upgrade options available to you as well…but you can listen to all of it without any charge.

I look forward to all the stories and excitement.




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Until we meet again:

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