Ron Finley: An Inspirational Guerilla in LA: Sunday Inspirational Video # 234

I am at least….a third generation gardener. As kids Dad always planted a big vegetable garden. We all helped him measure out the rows…plant the seeds…water the garden and help keep it weeded. For our labors we ate a healthy diet of fresh vegetables.  We, my sisters and me, often hid behind the rows of peas and helped ourselves to fresh peas right out of the pod. Occasionally we got caught and chased away by a parent not too unhappy with our antics.

Today driving back from the city to my little cabin in the country I actually thought about this video and just how much land is really available for us to farm…along our roadways and boulevards , along our sidewalks and headlands…all could be producing food in enough abundance to feed the world.

Listen to the wisdom of this amazing man who wants to get people off their fast food diet and on to eating fresh produce they grew themselves…wherever there is space…and there is a lot of it and save money doing it.





Enjoy your special day…today…and walk with your friends in quiet places.

Nick Grimshawe.




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