Our Consent

Cherry Blosson Road
Cherry Blosson Road
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Within each of us lies the power of our consent to health and sickness, to riches and poverty, to freedom and to slavery. It is we who control these, and not another.

Source: Richard Bach

Our Consent

One of the hardest things to understand as we walk a path toward our destination,( I use destination rather than enlightenment because we are not all seekers in the same way) is to understand that ultimately we are responsible. The burden of our lives cannot be transferred to some other cause, and thus exonerate us from responsibility.

We often look at this as cruel and harsh. We look only at the immediate physical moment: the death of a child as an extreme example. How can we say that child is responsible for its death? We forget we only see the very tip of the iceberg, or in this case the very tip of the being: their physical self. We don’t see all the swirling experience below, which in our physical forms transcends our ability to comprehend.

We then react out of our lack of comprehension , react to circumstances with emotions that prove painful, hurtful, uncomfortable. From those emotions arise anger, hatred, grief, despair, the whole range. None of these emotions are inspirational or liberating because we have lost sight of one important piece of data. We gave consent to feel that way by shifting responsibility away from ourselves so that we could take solus in our innocence.

Responsibility then seems like a heavy burden; that being responsible weighs down the soul.

Yet the opposite is true. Liberation comes from the understanding that you are responsible, that you can change your Cialis Jelly condition, that you do have options, that you do have choice, that you really are free to rise and fall on the boundless joy of your beingness.

You are the light and the darkness.

You are the sorrow and the joy.

You are the slave and the liberated.

Look at blame as an example. In order to blame someone, even yourself, you must disengage from responsibility. The further away from responsibility the greater are the fingers of blame.

I talk about this because I see on a daily basis the burden of not taking responsibility. I see the tears of pain, the hurt pride, the words that cut the call for help because we have forgotten we consented, we had a choice. We can be free.

Knowing just that, even on a purely intellectual level, allows the light to seep in, like water freezing and thawing in a crack in a rock will eventual split the rock asunder. By allowing the light of responsibility into the those places that hurt, you start the healing. Eventually when you really get it, really understand what taking responsibility really means, when you escape the cycle of blame and regret you will find transformation into a being of light.

We are all somewhere on that scale of taking responsibility. The greatest among us, are transcended beings, for the rest of us is the journey yet to that state of being,

But as I have said so many times before, it is the journey not the destination that is important.

And believe it or not you did consent to the journey…sorry you will just have to take responsibility for that.

With Love


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