What Are Your New Year’s Proposals?

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With the approach of the New Year comes, what shall I call it, almost a biological urge (?) to turn a new page, set a new course, or make a course correction. The passion for making, and subsequently breaking, New Year’s Resolution attests to the veracity of this urge.

Now I know people fight against this urge, pooh poohing the whole idea of resolutions citing statistics that prove the whole exercises is fraught with failure, and therefore they tried very hard not to make resolutions.

Since I’m of the mind that prefers to go with the flow, I’ve come up with a different solution which gives you at least a fighting chance to see some of your New Year’s proposal’s come true.

Notice the change from resolution to proposal. A resolution sounds so…well resolute. A proposal on the other hand is definitely not as concrete, it’s softer, more of a planning piece than a call to action. Tackling things from this direction takes away some of the negative emotion around a New Year’s Resolution.

My whole purpose in pursuing this is to remove the stigma of defeat from a process that can create magic in your life for the coming year.

The act of writing down the things you propose to do in the New Year is part of the Law of Attraction. You are simply taking advantage of a natural law, much like you take advantage of a sunny day to dry your wash. You are putting your desires into physical form in this universe which creates an action toward completion.

With a proposal you are less attached to the outcome which means you won’t pull, unconsciously against it with negative thoughts.

Let’s take a closer look at this:

by pdjsphotos

Weight loss is one of the leading New Year’s Resolutions with one of the highest failure rates.

I want you to note the difference:

Resolution: (a firm decision to do something), I resolve to lose 20 pounds this year.

Proposal: (the act of making a suggestion or stating an intention), I propose to lose 20 pounds this year.

The difference is subtle but it is there.  With the resolution you are definite in your goal to lose a specific amount of weight which carries with it the seeds of doubt and defeat, whereas the proposal only infers a goal which if not achieved is no big deal since you only proposed it in the first place.

Now I can hear the critics arguing, that this just gives you an easy out, an excuse not to make your goal. Using the Law of Attraction, I would argue that a resolution stacks the odds against you.  The outcome matters and thus creates a counter force that you are determined to fight against. Unfortunately that has you focused on what you don’t want, which the universe will gladly accede to as your wish.

Most people don’t understand the subtly involved and how overlooking that tiny difference can mean success or failure.

What I propose you do…is create a list of your proposals for the New Year.

by Babs2teach

Use a journal (highly recommended) or just a sheet of paper) and make a proposal in each area of importance in your life. If you know your passions, then make your proposals based on them.

I would suggest a Proposal in each of the following areas:




Health and wellness,






Once you have your Proposal list jot down at least one action you can take toward that proposal that would move you closer to its actuality.

Your list would look like this:


I propose to attend ten self growth workshops this year.

Action One: Subscribe to a self growth newsletter that publishes a list of workshops available to me.

Action Two: Talk to friends to find out what workshops they enjoyed and create a list of possible workshops to attend.

Just keep going till you have a proposal in every area you want to work on this year with at least two simple action steps to get you started.

Finally I suggest you put it on a word doc of some sort and fancy it up and post it on your dream board and a few other places where you can look at it from time to time.

The last step is to read it aloud and surrender it to the universe and have trust that what you propose will be delivered in a way that will delight and surprise you.

Happy New Year!

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