34 Dares to Make 2013 Your Best Year Ever

Instead of writing New Year’s resolutions for 2013 and then watching them drop away one by one why not try a new approach this year. I know that doesn’t soon too inspiring, but facts show that with in about 3 weeks after  making a resolution at least half of those resolutions reside only on the road of good intentions. And later, in a few more weeks, another one half drop out of the resolution game for one reason or another.

But perhaps if you take it on as a dare, an “I dare you to….”  fill in the blank. “I dare you to lose 10 pounds.” Doesn’t that kinda get your back-up…rile up your dander? Remember those schoolyard taunts that made you pull down somewhere deeper and just do it….so there.

Why not apply that psychology to your resolutions.

In fact, I dare you to.

But I won’t just throw you out there all alone there is a PDF file below that you can download with 34 Dares for you to use in 2013. I dare you to take a few of them on.

The PDF is free: no need to sign up for anything, just download and share.

Download “34 Shares to Make 2013 Your Best Year Ever”    34 Dares

Rick Beneteau and Julian Kalmar – the founders of 10 Million Clicks for Peace, created this PDF.

They actively encourage you to pass the PDF along. You can do that using my link or create your own.


Until we meet again.

Be Inspired




Be Inspired.

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