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Long before “The Secret” came out, people knew and understood the power of visualization. People have used the technique to do amazing things. The tool cost nothing to use. You need only your mind to make it work. But you need one other thing. You need the willingness to use the tool every day with out fail.

The first step in visualization is to decide what you want to visualize. What positive things would you like to see in you life. Now you need to visualize that desire by writing in down. Then each morning read your visualization, close your eyes, and bring it to life on the movie screen in your head.

What is your next shot?

Visualize it.

Have a great Monday and remember to walk in quiet places.


I am back home after a long absence to be with my family and to be with my Mother as she passed back across into the non-physical world.

The experience was transcendent, and I will be writing about the amazing things that happened during this time once I have a chance to absorb it all myself.

I want to thank all of you who sent emails, they were very much appreciated.

I also appreciate your continued support as I struggled to make posting deadlines.


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