My Little Spark is Fading

Nopi The Cat
Nopi at 19 Year's Old April 23 2006

Part of our experience while we are here on this earth, is to feel sadness and grief on the loss of another. In our home tonight a spark is fading. Nopi at the ripe old age of 23 is on her final journey back home. She is not suffering…she is just fading away. I have called her my little spark for years now, as I admired that spark of consciousness always ready with a steady purr or a meow of demand for food or a treat.

She was born around this time of year to Patches, her mother, who met with tragedy shortly after Nopi and three other cats where born. She had a twin brother, Whisper, who looked almost like her except he was a he. With their mother gone it fell to us and a neighbor to get them through those first few tenuous weeks, as we fed them from an eye dropper, yet they all came through.

They grew up on a farm and were free to come and go, though we always tried to make sure they were in at night. That’s how we lost Whisper…he just didn’t come home one night and we never saw him again. The other two found their way to good homes.

In her day she was a great mouser, keeping the farmhouse free of critters.

One of my favorite photo’s is of her   laying on Blondie’s ( now passed) back a tiny little kitty on a huge golden retriever cross.

So in a way it is fitting that as she came in so she goes out…being nursed with love and tenderness. She has regressed to that tiny helpless state of a baby once again. She will soon be home and she will be missed.

I am so grateful that she has graced our lives for so long and shared with us her determined spark of life.

There is in this sadness a great abiding comfort in the miracle that is life which reminds us that every single moment we have together is Cialis precious…too precious to spend it any way but in love.

So I leave you with these words I found from a children’s story which I find so perfect and fitting for the moment.

“Large held Small snug as they looked out at the night, at the moon in the dark and the stars shining bright. “Small, look at the stars, how they shine and glow, some of the stars died a long time ago. Still they shine in the evening skies, for you see, Small, love like starlight never dies…”

Source: Debi Gliori from “No Matter What”

It is beautiful and it is sad.

Live your moments brightly, this and every day.

With Love


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