What is the Opposite of Victim?

Dragon Fly Poses for a Photo
Dragon Fly Poses for a Photo

Photo courtesy of Pauline DeForest

I would like to put forward the idea that it is being a victim
that is onerous, difficult, a struggle, and too much work.
Being responsible for everything that happens, and for every
feeling and behavior is the easy way to live.
It is the way to happiness, inner peace, great personal power
and a productive life. It is a way to end all the dramas
in your life.

Source: Bill Harris Thresholds of the Mind.

What is the opposite of a victim? That’s the first question that
came to my mind when I began to write this commentary.
A quick Google search indicated we faced a language problem
when we try to understand what the opposite of a victim is.

In most of the answers I saw online, the “opposite” to victim
pointed to someone, or something bad. In reality the question
being answer was more to do with who committed the act
which caused some one to be the victim of…something,
crime, natural disaster, stock market.

I was shocked to see how many people accepted answers like,
perpetrator, criminal, predator, that sort of thing,
until I realized we are talking about separate things.

For this quote we are talking about people who take on the
role of being a victim, like a professional vocation.
These are people who continually attract disaster.
They are good people to avoid in a tight situation.

I am not talking about people who fall victim to natural
disasters an the like but rather some one who does the old
woe is me each and every day of their lives.

That’s the opposite I am looking for.

I’ve chosen “Champion” as the opposite, some one who
in spite of all the hard ship and heartache some how rallies
with a smile, a good word, and possesses a positive
attitude nothing is going to diminish.

Obviously the subject needs some more thought.
How about you?

What do you think the opposite of Victim is?

Just select the comment button at the bottom of the post
and let me know what you think.

In the meantime, I know you are a champion.
Champions smile allot, like to cheer on others,
and general spread peace and harmony to those around

I can take responsibility for that. How about you?

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Enjoy. Be a Champion today!


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