Good-Bye Discovery: Sunday Inspirational Video #148

STS-116 Landing (NASA KSC-06PD-2861)
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I remember so long ago now, sitting beside a radio at work, all thought of productivity abandoned as I waited breathlessly along with the whole world for that first Shuttle Tadacip to break through the radio silence and announce that they were safely through their fiery reentry. Later I thrilled as I watched this magnificent ship land on the long landing site in Florida. It was an inspiring and WOW moment for me.

What we as a species have been able to accomplish since is a testament to our ingenuity and all that is brilliant within us.

Yes there have been terrible tragedy linked to these amazing vehicles which remind us that sometimes the cost of going forward is to momentarily fall back. Men and women of adventure have led us onward despite the odds, braving death to see us to a new horizon.

As you watch this feat of engineering take the time to give gratitude to all the men and women who have sacrificed much to bring us closer to what is noble and grand in each one of us.

As we say good bye to Discovery, pray that we will find the strength to move forward with a new generation of ships to carry us out on adventures back to the moon and beyond.

I know there are those who would prefer that we not spend the money, that we need it to feed the world.

But stop for a moment… and consider what our world would be like if we had not adventured out.

Your cell phones would not work and our wonderful inter-connectivity would be gone, your streaming video of world wide events as they happen would not be possible. Much of what you do not even think about today is possible because we pushed the envelope to learn how to live in space.

Yes we must take care of our poor here on earth, but we must not allow those concerns to lead to an even greater poverty, the poverty of the spirit.

Adventure, the outward urge, the need to explore all that is within out view, is part of our nature, part of what makes us human.

When the first Shuttle went up we tracked them with some amazing camera, now as you watch this video the camera we watch from is actually on the shuttle itself.

Enjoy you Sunday with Family and Friends and remember to walk with them in quiet places.


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