Happy Thanksgiving: Perfect Time for a New Twist on Being Grateful

Thanksgiving Day Greetings
Thanksgiving Day Greetings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Across the United States today families are gathered to celebrate the harvest and give thanks for the abundance of the season and the year.

Typically we give gratitude for the things we have now…the things we manifested into our lives…things we consider good. We rarely look upon our difficulties and our problems as things to be grateful for…yet perhaps we should.

Under adversity much of what is unique and brilliant about man has arisen. Under adversity we seem to form together in a common bond to over come the challenges of life. Out of necessity comes new solutions to old problems that would not have happen if necessity had not pushed us forward. Out of disaster and hardship have come new strengths, new faith or renewed faith, new friendships, new hope. At the moment of travail it might not appear to be a blessing or something to be grateful for…but in the end…over time….you will find something to be grateful for.

One story I love to tell as an example of what I am saying…isn’t anything earth shaking but I think illustrates the point wonderfully.

Way back in time now, my partner and I lived on a farm in a place called Port Coquitlam, near Burke Mountain in British Columbia. Our neighbor had one sheep that grazed with the cows. This sheep was an escape artist of the highest caliber, and we often found it wandering the flower beds, eating the tops of most of the flowers. After a few raids on our garden we began to complain bitterly to the neighbor about the destruction the animal was causing…and bewailed the fact that our flowers were ruined for the year.

Our neighbor apologized and explained that the animal would be going to the market soon, and to hang in there. Which we did amid much ringing of hands and bemoaning the lost of our beautiful garden. That was in the spring of that year. By the summer we had the most amazing flower garden you could image. All the pruning the sheep had done to our flowers had just forced them to branch and produce far more blooms than they would have normally.

So amid the celebrations today and over the weekend…take a moment to reflect on the adversity that has come into your life and see if you can spot the blessing with in it.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends and remember to walk with them in quiet places.


Until we meet again


Be Inspired.



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