What is the Message Behind the Boston Marathon Tragedy?

What is the Message Behind the Boston Marathon Tragedy?

Peacefulness. Photo courtesy of Pauline DeForest

Greetings to the world of light and this very special day…your special day

I delayed writing this post this week. The first delay happened on Monday when my schedule just didn’t allow me the time, then after the events at the Boston Marathon, I wanted to reflect awhile before I wrote about the event…and the message I see behind the tragic events that unfolded on Monday.

To begin, I think just a wee bit if background will help you see why the senseless violence struck fairly close to home. You see I am in training with a group of committed people to walk a 1/2 marathon on Sunday May 5th in Toronto. Because my son and me, worked through the weekend and missed our normal training walk on Sunday we picked Monday to do the catch up training: an 18 kilometer walk. As we completed our walk and arrived back at my son’s home…his girlfriend came out to congratulate us and then to tells about the attack on the Boston Marathon.

As I listened to her describe the details my heart sank. Sadness filled me along with concern…several people from the Peterborough Running Room were running in the Boston Marathon. I felt fear for their safety and muttered¬† prayer for them. Then I saw the video…the one everyone has seen over and over…the sadness washed over me again and I felt tears of anguish for the people killed and hurt by the blasts.

After that came a furious sense of anger and outrage at the perpetrators of this crime and even a feeling of violence and revenge that the attackers should reap.

We are all human; we all harbor darkness within us. In the face of such random violence we feel powerless and in the process become a victim to that violence and without really understanding what is happening we align ourselves with the darkness…we actually become part of the cycle of violence through our own frustration and feeling of powerlessness.(We see that cycle of violence most clearly in the middle east.)

Even as I felt those violent emotions within me…I knew instinctively….as most of us do…that I could not give in to those forces. Only in that moment when baser emotions arise within us…do we actually give away our power to those who perpetrate these crimes.

Instead I felt a burning desire to one day run the Boston Marathon or at least volunteer: to show that I would not become a victim to someone’s insanity.

We have already given away too much to the darkness these people try to bring to the world.

By the response I saw on that horrible video…and all the little acts of valor I have seen since…the human being or beings that participated in this act of terror, showed us all that the darkness is still there, but that it has no strength to bind us as long as we bravely walk into the shrouds of our own darkness with the torch of truth and light held high.

We have nothing to fear as long as we are each willing to look into our own darkness, to peer into all the pools of shadows in our souls. We cannot change the darkness within the individuals who performed this act of terror. We cannot tear away the shadows that linger in another’s mind…we can only work on our own shadows. When we engage in this huge act of courage…we create a safe space around us…that opens the door for another person to look at their own shadows and exponentially we open the doorways for thousand and thousands of others to find the courage to look, to see, to acknowledge..to bring to consciousness and thus to the light. So that one day perhaps…the damaged, darkness-scarred individual(s) who thought they could handle the darkness within them by inflicting in on others…will have the courage to turn and face their shadows and come to terms with what they have done…and take responsibility for their life and their actions; for they are the true victims of this tragedy.

What happened on Monday…and the people who gave their lives…or where hurt in the explosions, helped make us all stronger…more determined, more sure that our path to self-awareness by pushing through the shadows, is the correct one.

If we live in fear of our own darkness, our own shadows, we cannot help our neighbor turn and face their own.

The path to enlightenment is through ourselves. Our tasks is not to change another but to change ourselves.

Our goal is transparency, says Joe Dispenza “When how you appear is who you really are.”¬† Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One

It’s time now to redouble our efforts to do “the work”…and the work of course is ourselves.
As a post script: At the Running Room here in Peterborough¬† yesterday….Wednesday, one of the women who was at the Boston marathon and made it to within on mile of the finish line, gave an inspirational pep talk to not allow what happened to slow us or stop us from competing. We honored the heroes with a moment of silence. Finally, thankfully, no one from our local group was hurt.
Until we meet again: Be Inspired




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