What is it Not Okay for You to Be? 101 Simple Personal Growth Exercise For the Busy Entrpreneur #7

Our society has done a great job of constructing walls for us. Some time in the past maybe these walls rose to give us a better chance at survival.  However, in our technological age these constructs no longer serve us, and in some ways threaten our survival in different more insidious ways. We created boxes in which certain things fit. We build prisons made from bars we no longer see…but hold us more tightly than any physical jail.

While the roles of men and women have blurred, the categories in which we are supposed to fit haven’t.

The rise of government institutions meant that we all needed to fit into tidy categories for statistical analysis. You were: single, married, divorced or widowed. You were: blue-collar, white-collar. You were: black , white, or some other ethnicity. Lately you are: straight, gay, bi or transgender. All these little boxes that supposedly define how you act or should act…who you are, and what is expected of you. And when you didn’t fit you were not enough of what every quality you where suppose to show.

Most of us don’t fit those boxes especially in the dramatically changing world we all live in…yet we are still judged by those boxes and when we don’t fit…we are considered flawed on some basic human level  and thus we begin to see ourselves as flawed…of not living up to a “type” or an “expectation”.

As entrepreneurs of every possible combination of talent, gender, race, and age…it’s up to us to escape the prisons we have worked within so long in to free our creativity to move beyond expectations into a new world of emancipation where you are free to work without limitations imposed by our need to belong to a tribe.

To create fully…to live to our best possible potential, then for the busy entrepreneur we need to find ways  to step away from the narrowly defined categories into which we feel trapped.

As always awareness is our greatest tool. In the exercise I developed and offer to you as a free download, I want to start the process of questioning and of speculating. Remember there are no rights and wrongs in such an exercises. The important thing is to stay open to all possibilities. I like to start with a list…and then a question to apply to each answer on the list.

On the list I ask you to write out…all the things it is not okay for you to be. You don’t have to do this in one day…it can be an evolving list….as you see one thing and work with it other items might come forward to add to your list.

First download the List.

download graphic


How to use the list.

Take a moment to write what comes to you on the list. You looking for roles or persona that it’s not okay to be.

When you can’t think of anything else to add, ask this question:

What would happened to my life…if I could be that( fill in an item from your list). Pick the one that most resonates with you, or stirs up the most emotion, first.

The idea is to explore what is possible, what could change and get the mind speculating in a whole new area of potential growth.

Let me know how you do with the exercise. I’d love to what you got out of doing the exercise.




Until we meet again: Be Inspired.


Nick Grimshawe.

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