I Saw Your Face: Sunday Inspirational Video #242

When I set out to find a video to inspire you…I look for something that inspires me. I’ve put up a lot of different material here but I always come back to music videos…because I find the greatest amount of inspiration in this art form. There is something about the intimacy of the singer with their audience…how they relate and express themselves and what it must feel like to offer their gift to an appreciative audience.

I have seen performers who simply could not connect…while they had everything else going for them something eludes them.

Listen to this performance of a song…that many people have performed…and old song now…but this is a really fresh take filled with so much emotion it over flows in away that lifts the song…the singer and the audience to a new high.

I find many inspirational songs on the X Factor a show I have never watch on TV…but when I am struggling to find something I come here. I think it is that the performer has to put it all out to win.

But enough….here is the video. Enjoy. Oh one more thing…watch Matt sing once through then listen again with your eyes closes…it really is stunningly beautiful.



This special Sunday…take a hand…even if it is just in your imagination…take the hand of another human being and walk with them in quiet places.


Peace and Love


Nick Grimshawe



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