In Memory of You

three smilling faces
Susan, Nick , Louise

On July 28th 2012 my sister Louise lost her husband to cancer after a six months battle, then I (Nick) lost my partner only 3 days later on July 1st 2012. This past weekend we gathered as a family to remember them at my sister’s (Pauline’s) home in Lions Head, Ontario.

We are both still adjusting to our loss, but I think it is important to note that while we suffer their absence from our lives we view the aftermath of their deaths through physical realities. That is why I wrote the poem…to help me understand from their point of view…just a little bit.





In Memory Of You


Time is a strange thing

So long ago it seems

For a whole year passing,

Yet memories come in flashes

Tasting of yesterday.


I fear perhaps,

Something essential

Is slipping away.

But no

It’s my arrogance,

My selfishness

That tries to hold you here,

To want you at our gathering

In the summer of our mourning year

As if this small treasure

Could ellipse

Your magnificent destination

Amid the spangled stars

Crowding the darkening sky.


How can I claim,

It’s not fair

That you aren’t here

When you are out there

Riding sunbeams

Way out over the edge of night

Hearing your laughter echoing

Through my tears.


Nick Grimshawe



  Poetry of the Heart  

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