Bright Eyes from Watership Down Sung by Art Garfunkel

Doing this Sunday Inspirational Video feature finishes the week for me and starts the new one.
I can’t tell you how much I love searching for just the right thing to present to you. I enjoyed watching old Simon and Garfunkel video till I spotted this song.

I find the dynamics of performance fascinating. Watching Art Garfunkel and Paul Simon on stage at times struck me as more interesting than the songs they sang. I love all the work they did together,yet this pulled at my heart and lifted me up in a way I knew I had to share with you.

The story is Watership Down, the song is Bright Eyes.

Let me know how you enjoyed it.

Bright Eyes Sung by Art Garfunkel

Have a wonderful Sunday with family and friends. And to all you who faced the storm, many blessings and bright hope for your future.


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