Abundance and Self Love

This video represents part of my study of abundance…and what abundance means and what abundance should feel like. What factors influence abundance…why do we struggle with abundance…do we really understand what we are talking and thinking about when we speak of abundance.

From that work a couple of definitions of abundance emerged.  ( I chose that specific word for a reason: The definition is: to come forth into view or notice from the Latin:  emergere, to arise out of.)

1. Abundance is a lack of want. (That means, to me at least, if you are in a state of mind where no want exists then you could say you are in a state of abundance.)

2. Abundance is the expectation, without hesitation or reservation, that all things required will come to you.

That’s the ideal state, and the further away you are from that state of mind the further you are away from true abundance.

Self love is an area where lack is often great in us. Where there is lack then we would agree there is a lessening of abundance. To achieve greater abundance in out lives looking within and discovering our hesitations and reservations around the things and qualities we lack is fertile ground for developing a greater sense of abundance.

Abundance isn’t about having things…it is about a state of mind beyond mere physical attachments.

Meditating on abundance helps you develop a greater understand of abundance and the ways you sabotage abundance by focusing on the things you lack or want. (I’ll do more on this soon.)

Listen to the video. I’d appreciate your opinion. What do you think a good definition of abundance would be.

Tendered with love,

Nick Grimshawe

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