Are Your Attachments Smothering You?

Color in the Woods“A thought is harmless unless we believe it. It’s not our thoughts, but our attachment to our thoughts, that causes suffering. Attaching to a thought means believing that it’s true, without inquiring. A belief is a thought that we’ve been attaching to, often for years.”

Source: Bryon Katie

Over the last few months I have wrestled deeply with the concept of attachment and how it shapes us, how we react to loss both personal and physical. It’s an aspect of our lives I don’t feel we spend enough time really examining. We become attached to so many things unconsciously in a process sometimes spans years. Somewhere along the line we come to feel we cannot survive without this object what ever it might be even when we no longer use it, even when it has served it’s purpose and is no longer necessary to the fulfillment of our lives. So we become attached to so many things, they clutter up our lives with out us realizing it. We become attached to thoughts in the same way…if you don’t believe me think about any political discussion you have ever had. People are firmly attached to their thoughts about certain things…and in allowing that attachment they close off  an open dialogue, a chance to see or think differently.

I know one of my biggest fears when I was packing up to leave my home of 17 years in BC, was my fear that I would lose that attachment to the memories and the people and the things that revolved around the house. Yet in essence those things I feared so much about loosing are the same things I can never lose, that that attachment in the end caused pain and suffering where none  is needed .

As beings of both physical and non physical qualities, it is strange to feel the tug of a physical thing against the heart-strings or emotion, or thought. But we feel that way precisely because we are dual creatures. We have this habit of attachment because of our dual natures and so transformation is our passage from duality to oneness with all things.

In our most detached moments… we become truly free to experience the universe as a single entity with no division, no corruption, no conflict. When we do that, we live on an entirely different plain where the beauty that surrounds us lifts us to a state of bliss like nothing else we can experience in our dual state.

We come here to this duality to experience the contrast… to learn from it…to move forward back into the state of bliss with new knowledge.

So as human beings we will always face that duality and wrestle with it…and be transformed by it.

That is part of the joyous mystery of life.

One of my most interesting experiences, as I slowly detached myself from all the things in my home in British Columbia, was, that as the house emptied, and you began to see the structure of the house again, the beauty of the house…what we fell in love in the first place, began once again to shine through.

Why not look around your house today…and decided to let go of just one thing you find yourself attached to, that you really are not using.


Until we meet again,


Be Inspired


Nick Grimshawe


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