Stand on the Edge of Forever and Feel the Breeze


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Over the last four weeks I have been like a sponge absorbing all this wisdom from this tape series I have been telling you about– Abundant Mystics .
 I have learned so much in that time, it seems like I started on this mystic journey a very long time ago, not just four weeks! But it wasn’t until I listened to Robert Evans that I received a really huge flash of insight that blew me away…and I was driving at the time!!
As you know I have been working on a book which I have set a deadline for Oct 15, 2010. But part of my struggle revolved around my message. I understood my purpose…but I didn’t understand how to put what I was doing into a cohesive whole that would allow me to share and teach to others… in a more systematic way.

Now I am driving into work listening to Robert Evans( who developed the Special Movement for Change where he helps messengers publish a mini book about their message) this morning…and as I listened, I kept asking myself…okay all well and good…a mini book…great idea…but what is my message? As I listened I am not sure how many times I asked myself…”What is MY message that I want to bring to the world?” What is it I want to say? From what view point…what would I teach? Over and over I asked those questions.

Then the light went off. Over a year ago I wrote a series of 3 short articles that actually spelled out my message…what I wanted to teach and to share. At the time I didn’t view them as anything more than a message to my website readers that they might be able to use to help them begin a daily practice of their own. Now I realize it was Tadalis SX the outline of my message!!!!!!!!!



Like I all ready had the message…I just had to realize it was there…as it is of course, with most things. We are already complete…we just don’t realize it yet.


And how does that effect you?
If we want to develop a deeper connection to the whole world to feel on a deeper level our connection to all things, to find at the heart of all things… the beauty and joy of the mystery…to live a life at the edge of all that we can be…where our vision of what is possible stretches outward to an unseen horizon…where the land of our vision of possibility meets the field of actuality then we need to recognize that we are on a journey of learning, reading , listening and speaking or sharing.



That’s my message.


There is a way, a series of steps that will move you down the dusty path of adventure. That those steps are not hard or difficult…that every man, woman and child on this planet can walk the same path. We all have stories to share around the campfire of humanity. We are all stories, we are all messages, we are all messengers.

Today enjoy the astounding abundance that nature shows us as a message of promise and hope. Go stand at the edge of forever and feel the breeze.
With Love


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