The Miracle of Growth

The miracle of growth remains one of the great mysteries. Gardeners are intimate with this miracle.
Each year I watch my garden go from soil and mulch to a few crocus to an No prescription cialis explosion of growth over a relatively short period of time.

I’ve used a series of photo’s from my patio to show you what I mean. Unfortunately I do not have the posts as they were first planted. But I think you will get the idea.

Patio Garden June 08
Patio Garden June 08
Here is how th garden first look after the first spurt of growth. Notice the young Cana Lilies. All ready the miracle is well on its way. When you contemplate how some much is bundled up in very tiny things, like seeds, and roots, the larger questions about this miracle come to the surface.
Yes we can talk about cell division and replication, but that is only a mechanical explanation.
Patio Garden in Late July 2008
Patio Garden in Late July


A month later and you can see the

growth in the petunias and the bamboo bush, and the cana Lilies. Life is bursting over in abundance. Surely we can all take faith the lessons we see all about us. Of course we need to cultivate an atmosphere and an environment that allows life to flourish, but even without our help life flows abundantly. To be witness to this miracle is to experience the amazing power of Nature or God, or the source. For all this life springs from no thing.

September 29th 08
September 29th 08

Finally at the end of the summer with some growth spent you can see the result in the amazing growth of the Cana Lilies.

Soon another miracle begins.


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