Moonlight and Lightening : From the Journal of Noy, Post #29


 August Lightening

I’ve finally came to a realization, I definitely have to change my reading glasses. Gosh, I’ve postponed it for quite some time, thinking this near-to-extinct helper would still be serving its purpose. Until I figured out that I couldn’t properly do simple tasks any longer (garlic peeling, for one!). Lately, I have to use a magnifying glass (on top of my glasses) to attend to some few readings. Pathetic! Anyway, I finally got the time to get it done. My eyes can’t be any happier!

The rest of the afternoon was spent doing what my girlfriend and I loved the most; visiting our favourite coffee shop by the esplanade. Home on the range! The aromatic scent all over the area can’t be more inviting. My favourite green tea,(yes! I’m getting more mindful lately) and my friends tempting exotic coffee. Well, I’ve got to give in to some mortal ‘sins’; so, I succumbed to a very decadent cake to supplement my ‘boring’ tea (!). The late afternoon tete-a-tete moved on to enchanting evening pleasantries. So much to talk about, the time just passed like a wisp of salty breeze. From the esplanade, we went to the nearby fish shop to get my fresh pick. They always have the catch of the day, lots of varieties to choose from. I got a good supply for at least a month: Straight to the freezer when I get home.   I love getting my seafood here because I know they are always fresh – you could tell by how those ogling eyes look at you.

I had an overwhelmingly great feeling, coming home. The combination of the pleasant sea breeze and the sumptuous cake plus a real delicious talk with my friend did ‘do’ me once again. A good ‘half-a-day out’ was what I needed for a change of phase. Today’s highlight really kept my spirits in tow. Life’s chaser, I should say; especially so, being able to physically reconnect to ‘the all’; specifically what’s within the inner self. With the exchange of the latest on goings it was a great unloading, indeed.

So, here I am … galloping, gliding, cruising, flying, tip-toeing, somersaulting, ‘bukfensing’ (a term only my dog and I know), stomping, jumping, rolling, tip’ing’, grinding, shaking, swaying, high landing, etc. —— tailing the dancing spirits within; all rising up to the tune of the moon-light’s  ritual … all in the name and of polishing life’s diamond … in pursuit of an enhancing the spiritual sojourn.

Tonight as I go about this post, I looked through the back window. Drizzling a little bit outside but the moon was still visible, succulent and still. Which reminds me, I’ve just seen that same full moon last night … draped by the irregular cloud formation. It was beautifully landscaped to satisfy the wandering mind. Enticing, engaging, enchanting. It was short-lived – as a series of lightning followed by an almost soundless (faint) thunder disturbed the night’s quietude (lasting for few seconds). It came in succession. A spectacular show, Kamagra jelly yet … bizarre! I bet they were doing a unique dance of their own – as I do my 3S (selected sanctified steps). I’m in my highest element and my spirit is at its superlative. An enticing line: Spirits rise and this dance is unrehearsed … (!):In agreement with La Streisand. Amen.

On a different note, I just heard Mr. Stipe, “… Ohhhhhh LIFE – it’s bigger than you and you’re not me … that’s me in the corner; that’s me in the spotlight losing my religion …” And the good old Harrison in response, ” … and the people who gained the world and lose their soul, they don’t know – they can’t see, are you one of them? … and to think you’re only very small and life goes on WITHIN YOU and WITHOUT YOU …”. Stirring the old blend (of Stipe con Shankar), here come the timeless tunes (S&G’s), “… how terribly strange to be seventy … old friends, old friends, winter companions the old wind … of the OLD FRIENDS”. Love the music, love the  duo … love my friend – she’d always been my fairy girl (with her wand always ready to the rescue). An enchanting night, indeed! And I’m bowing out with glee: Sending sweet symphonies to those soft, sumptuous dreams.

Keep those dreams alive … I do,


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