Two For One with Josh Groban: Inspirational Sunday Videos #138

I am a huge fan of Josh Groban, but I try to resist including him here, but in the light of this performance my resistance crumbles. The video is brilliant. The way the words for the song are superimposed on the video is unique and very well done. The song is lovely, and the voice…inspiring. When I hear his voice I am uplifted. That’s what these videos are all about. So put on your head set, turn up the volume and be inspired. Oh and I said videos. Well it’s two for one Sunday.

The Bells of New Your City

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And the second one because I couldn’t decide. They are both awesome and awesomely inspirational. Besides it’s my blog and I will do it if I want to!

Hidden Away

I would love to get some suggestions for Sunday Inspirational video. Just add your requests below in the comment section and I will check them out…no promises but!!!

Have an awesome Sunday with Family and Friends and other special people in your life. And remember to walk with them in quiet places.

Sweet peace,

Nick Grimshawe.

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