Autumn Walk with Music: Inspirational Sunday Video #136

Here is a perfect video for those of us in theĀ autumn part of the seasons. You the rest of you in the southern hemisphere…you can imagine . The photography in this is beautiful. If you have not gone out to have a fall walk yet, then now is the time. Make it a family outing , every one out for some exercise in the fresh air amid the falling leaves. Then home for some hearty pumpkin stew.

Now I need some help. How about some suggestions for next Weeks’s inspirational video. After all I am only one pair of eyes…ahh ears…ah well both are needed I guess. Post your suggest or a link in the comments section and well come up with a prize for the one I select.

Enjoy your Sunday with family and friend and remember to walk with them in quiet places and maybe kick up some leaves.


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