Does Your Mood Inspire Happiness In Others?

The image below succinctly makes the case about you ability to influence others. We often lament our ability to make a difference in the world. We come up with all kinds a reasons why it’s not possible for little old me, to change the world, thinking that we need to put some kind or enormous effort into creating change.

We forget how effortlessly change happens. We are journeying in the physical world. Change is the only constant. Yet we make it seem like some extraordinary task. But that’s the lie that stops us. Herculean tasks aren’t just the purview of super heroes.

They are everyday ordinary made extraordinary by you, shaping a smile, extending a helping hand, offering an encouraging word, by leading instead of following. When you do that…you make a huge difference in the lives all around you.

You will mostly not know the impact of what you cause by doing something really simple:  making magic out of what seems ordinary.

Practice today, just by the way you  look,  to inspiring others to happiness.

There is no  burden. You can not change a person… but your smile can inspire someone to change something within themselves.

You find joy in that.


Until we meet again:

Be Inspired

Nick Grimshawe

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