Five Tips To Embrace Your Gifts by Rosemary Heenan

Every Day's a Gift by
Every Day's a Gift by

Editor’s Note: I want to thank Rosemary for permission to reprint this article here. I have known Rosemary for sometime now so I was delighted to receive this article from her recent email.


Are You Blind to Your Gifts?

Most of know the saying “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”.  Well that applies to your gifts, talents, and skills too.

I have often noticed this as I read people’s hands. Whatever they do naturally and easily, they place little value on. Whatever someone else does easily and naturally, they admire and wish they could do.

We make ourselves wrong for not being able to do certain things and at the same time we discount what we do very well. It takes other people noticing and complimenting us, sometimes for years, before we finally give in and recognize the inherent value of what we do.

Have you ever worked really hard to learn how to do something? Something that you thought you should learn how to do. How much value do you place on your ability to do that? I’d venture it’s of much higher value to you than the value you place on your natural skills, talents, and gifts.

Now ask yourself what do others appreciate me in me? I bet it’s the things you don’t value, rather than the thing you worked so hard to learn to do.

How do you open your heart to embrace your gifts?

1.    Notice what you do so easily. See the impact it is having. Allow your attention to focus on how much that means to the recipient.

2.    Pay attention to how you feel when you do it. Are you enjoying yourself? Are you enthusiastic? Do you feel like you’re getting filled up inside with joy?

3.    Pay attention to the compliments you receive and breathe them in. Thank the person. Stop and breathe in the words and the feelings being expressed to you.

4.    Watch your inner dialogue. Don’t allow your ego to tell you what you did is not important or meaningful. Also don’t let your ego over-inflate the compliment and make it into how ‘special’ you are. There’s a two edged sword to avoid here because minimizing or making too much of are both insidious to your genuine open-hearted acknowledgment.

5.    Self-love truly must come from the self and not from what others tell you. Yes, borrow their belief in you until you have your own. That’s a good way to climb a step up the staircase. Just don’t rest there too long without looking for ways to cultivate genuine self-appreciation and acknowledgment.

Sometimes people who are spiritual feel that it’s ego to claim their magnificence. I appeal to those with that point of view to consider that all of us have something special to offer the world. As long as you discount your gift you’re really saying you have less value than others. How spiritual is that?

I have found these gifts and talents are usually part of our Life Purpose. Once we recognize and use them intentionally they contribute to us living a life that is fulfilling to our souls.

Make 2010 the year you own and claim your gifts.

With warmest wishes for this holiday season.

Rosemary Heenan

Rosemary Heenan is a certified life coach, hand analyst  and Laughter Yoga Leader. She spent over 31 years working with people as a college professor. In fulfilling her life purpose, Rosemary is a creation specialist coaching people Tadalis SX through the process of matching up their life purpose in their hands with how they express themselves in the world.

Rosemary offers private consultation, hand analysis, Laughter Yoga, workshops and corporate team building. Group rates offered for Life Purpose readings at your parties or events.

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