Your Anti Aging Prescription: Part Three of Your Primary Responsibility

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I’ve been talking lately about our primary responsibility as human beings, which is to GROW! As I’ve said this comes very naturally to a child and a teenager but seems to be a struggle for adults. Some how we equate the end of physical growth and graduation as the end of growth period. At some point we become uncomfortable with pushing outside our comfortable boundaries.

My job one, and yours is to work like crazy to continue to push against and get outside of that zone of comfort. The moment we become complacent in our comfortability is the moment we begin to age internally.

I know you’ve seen it…people in their forties who seem ancient, and spry alive 80 year olds that would put a teenager to shame with their youth and vigor. That’s not just an accident of genetics…it’s a passion for life long learning.

I remember my Dad when he retired. He’d worked very hard all his life. When he reached 65, that was it…he wouldn’t have to work anymore. He retired to his arm chair in front of the TV and began to write us all about his impending death and how to treat each other after he was gone.

Fortunately we lived in a community that recognized Dad’s incredible gardening skills and wisdom. They pestered Dad to help them with pruning of this or that. They needed their garden redesigned, or they needed his ideas on what to grow where, or what to do with some shrub or tree. Along with Mum’s constant persistence, he began to make quick forays out of the house…with much grousing and reluctance, I might add…but deep down with a relief that he still had something to contribute. He began small, but soon was much sought after for his opinion. This kept him active…kept him thinking…kept him growing for almost 17 years after he retired!

If he had stayed in front of that TV without getting involved in the community, I doubt he would have lasted until seventy, and we would have all been reading those letters he wrote a lot earlier than we did.

My Prescription for Anti Aging

1. Read widely especially in the self growth, personal development field.

2. Get up early

3. Start a daily routine of meditation and mental and physical exercises.

4. Commit to doing something differently every year, every week, every day.

5. Write out yearly goals.

6. Eat sensibly

7. Get enough sleep

8. Drink lots of water.

9. Do not retire in the current sense of the word.

10. Write out ten things you are grateful for every single day for the rest of your life.


As the famous character in Star Trek Mr Spock use to say. “Live long and prosper.”


Here’s the quotes:


“Learning is not achieved by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.”

 Source: Abigail Adams


“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.”

 Source: Sir Richard Steele



“Formal education will earn you a living, self-education will earn you a fortune.”

 Source: John Patterson


Learning is not a product of schooling but the lifelong attempt to acquire it

 Source: Albert Einstein



“All of the top achievers I know are life-long learners… Looking for new skills, insights, and ideas. If they’re not learning, they’re not growing… not moving toward excellence.”

 Source: Denis Waitley quotes



With Love



2012 TWS Cheryl Richardson


Until we meet again:

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