Bring Fathers Home to Their Children

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Heifer International is the charity I choose to support because I love the idea of giving something practical to people who can then use that gift to create further income for themselves , their families, and their communities. With Father’s Day approaching, I thought that this would be a great way to celebrate fathers all over the world…by giving a gift of abundance to some one less fortunate and help reunite fathers with their families. I first gave a flock of chickens to a family, now I do a small monthly donation and that donation becomes, a goat, or a flock of chicken, or a water buffalo. I have given to a lot of charities in my life…but nothing thrills me so much as this.


In a small town, lost in the Honduran mountains, work was hard and scarce.

Sebastian had to leave if he was going to make a living to support his wife, three young children, and new born baby.  From a country with nearly 150,000 migrant laborers leaving the country each year, he joined the ranks of migrant workers who are moving around the world, from job to job, city to city, country to country just to provide a living for their families.

Bring Fathers Home to Their Children

Word came while he was away that his wife, the mother of his four children, had abandoned the family.

He was lost in grief, left with four children and little savings.

But Sebastian was not alone. The women in his community took notice.  They knew the struggles of raising a family alone with many of their husbands away looking for work just as Sebastian had.

As Sebastian later said, “The women of my community spoke up for me.  They said, ‘He is both father and mother to his children.’”

Honor Your Father By Helping a Father Struggling to Provide for His Family

These women helped Sebastian become a part of a Heifer project in their village and within two months he had a heifer.

That was seven years ago. Sebastian now has a prosperous farm with dairy cows and a vegetable garden that flourishes with the help of manure from his cattle.

Looking back Sebastian says, “I now feel very proud. Before when I came home there was nothing here, but now we have everything. I am content.”

No prescription cialis target=”_blank”>On this Father’s day, give your father the gift of a changed life and a better future—join Heifer’s work to reunite families and lift them out of poverty.

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