A Walk in the Sun: Sunday Inspirational Video #231

This one…you just need to put on the head phones, dial up the volume…close your eyes and feelĀ  the warm rays of the sun wash over your body as you walk down a treeline summer street…splashing though the cool shadows and back into the lovely light. It doesn’t matter if the snow is swirling down outside, or if a cool rain is coming diagonally into your face…this will put you in the mood…this will put you in sunshine and light…and it can’t get any more inspirational than that.

Listen… enjoy…love.



Now…go for a walk in a quiet place with the music still playing in your head…and allow that little skip to come to your feet…feel the lightness in your heart…celebrate everything you have to celebrate…it’s what your life is for.

A Sunday Afternoon Exercise:

Sit with your journal and write about the ten best things that happened to you in the pass week. The best ten moments. Describe them in your journal. Look for a pattern. Learn from what uplifts you.

With Love

Nick Grimshawe


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