Flash Cards: 101 Simple Personal Growth Exercises for the Busy Entrepreneur # 5

 Flash Cards

Here is a simple exercise you can use to help change a habit, instill a new, create a new way of thinking, a personal growth goal, a business or personal situation you would like to change.


Colored Sharpie Pens (Color helps visually, and creatively.)

8 1/2 by eleven cover stock (This is thick 67 pound stock that will hold up to multiple use. Plain white is best)

Define what you want to achieve.

To give you an idea… I created flash cards help me to change a habit of not thinking abundantly enough. I wanted to become more away of the times when I thought in scarcity rather than abundance. I wanted a way to insert into my mind more abundant thinking. You can do this exercise for any change you would like to make.

Once you’ve defined what you want to do, the flash cards help you create a new habit of thought.

Write out flash cards using different colored pens , a new color for each sheet or in what ever way pleases you.

Each  flash card should only carry one short thought written in the present tense.

Example: I am an unlimited creator of abundance.

You want to create as many possible positive statements as you can…at least ten to start with. “I am”…. are good statements to use but be creative and try to approach what you want to change from as many different angles as you can.

Don’t try to get these cards perfect….don’t worry about being really neat…just capture the thought and move  on to  the next.

Once you have your cards prepared, start using them.

I read mine out loud at least once a day…but I read them when ever I notice them…three times a day to start would be good.

Don’t always read them in the same order: Shuffle them around…each time.

Watch for quotes and notes  in other things you read that address the same thing you are and add them as flash cards if they fit.

Keep the total manageable. I have 16 in my think more abundantly series. Too many and you will stop using the cards because it takes too long… too few and you won’t get the impact you need to begin to create a new habit of thought.

Nothing happens if you don’t use them.

Stay aware of what is happening to you. I missed the first signs of change…but soon I could see that my abundant thinking actually translated into manifestations of abundance.

Give it a try…after all you have nothing to lose. And I would love to hear about your results using this really simple method to help bring about new thought habits.

Until we meet again: Be Inspired.


Nick Grimshawe.



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