How Do You Know When Your Intuition is Talking to You?: Guest Article By Chris Cade

Editor’s note: This is the second in a series of three articles written by Chris Cade which I am featuring here. Chris Cade calls himself a reluctant hero. He is a second-degree black belt and martial arts Champion who has swum with wild dolphins and tested software to find the bugs.

His journey – leaving a six-figure income and corporate life with Hitachi and Adobe for a spiritual one – has rewarded this visionary with the most popular spiritual story site on the internet.

How Do You Know When Your Intuition is Talking to You?

By Chris Cade


Chris Cade

Many people experience what they believe is intuition, and then they later discover that either the “hunch” they felt was wrong, or that by following that hunch “bad” things happened to them. The truth is – it took me a decade to answer that question for myself. It took me that long because I didn’t have any coaches or mentors, I didn’t think to consult any books, CDs, or videos, and I just tried to do it all on my own.

(I was also too prideful to admit that somebody else might be able to help me learn about my own intuition)

Now with that in mind – in my decade of exploration – what I’ve discovered is that the most distinguishing characteristic for my intuition is that it, on its own, is always just information. My intuition isn’t good nor bad, it doesn’t tell me happy nor sad things, and it doesn’t ever have any fear in it. Intuition at its most basic level is just another source of information.

It’s only after I receive that intuitive information that my mind decides if something is “good” or “bad” or whether or not I should be “scared” or if I should take a specific action.

So next time you’re feeling something you call “intuition” pause and ask yourself, “What is the *information* here?” If you can’t separate out the information from the feelings, then it’s possible that what you’re experiencing isn’t even intuition – it may just be your past conditioning, your past experiences, coming up in the present moment.

Or you may discover that your intuition (the information) is accurate, but that your mind has already added on the feelings (the fear, or happiness, or excitement) without you even having time to ask yourself, “What information my intuition is communicating to me?”

That’s just one example of how to distinguish intuition from ‘other stuff.’ As I’ve learned, there are many different ways to discover your intuition, and to be frank, it would take me personally probably a few years to bundle up my own experiences with intuition into a way that it would be really useful to you.

Not only that, but when it comes to intuition – though I know a lot and have experienced a lot – I am still learning and continuing to learn more every day. One thing I’ve recently learned is that intuition communicates in many forms. I had only been familiar with only one method of communication (“hunches”), so it was interesting to discover that my intuition was actually communicating to me almost all the time and in many different ways I was unaware of.

“Your intuition can communicate with you in pictures, words, feelings and gestalts of awareness. It may come in hunches, visions, inspirations, urges, voices, flashes of insight, light-bulb moments, epiphanies and so on.” – Aine Belton

Look at that list for a moment, and see if you recognize ANY of those things.

I know that “hunches” is just one item in that list… and yet when I reflect back on my life, I realize that I’ve experienced many of those things (I just didn’t call them “intuition”). I had just assumed that “hunches” was the only way intuition communicated with me.

Another challenge I always had with intuition was that it seemed mysterious, and only came to me on its terms. I often felt a little bit short-changed… wishing that I could communicate two-ways with my intuition. And although amazing answers seemed to appear out of ‘thin-air,’ I was frustrated that I couldn’t “command” my intuition at will.

I used to think that intuition was just something that I either had or I didn’t, and over the last few years I’ve finally began to understand that intuition can be developed and strengthened. In fact, when I talk with people, everybody I know has experienced some form of intuition (even if they were like me and didn’t call it “intuition”).

Even some of the most famous and influential people of all time talk about the importance of our intuition. For example:

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.” – Albert Einstein

“Often you have to rely on intuition.” – Bill Gates

“Most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition; they somehow already know what you truly want to become.” – Steve Jobs

“It is through science that we prove, but through intuition that we discover.” – Jules Henri Poincare

“The power of intuitive understanding will protect you from harm until the end of your days.” – Lao-Tzu

That’s just a small sampling of quotes about intuition, and if you were to do your own search you’d discover volumes of quotes from people (famous and even the infamous) who value, use, and develop their intuition in all aspects of their lives.

And here’s just a few ways in which they’re using it, and which you can learn to use it to:

To improve your physical, mental, and emotional health
Improve your decision making skills
Maximize your creativity
Reduce stress in your life
Increase your effectiveness and efficiency at work or school
And many other aspects of our lives…

And since developing your intuition is a skill, the more you use it the easier it becomes to recognize and use effectively. There are real and tangible ways to connect to your wise all-knowing self at will, and to receive the guidance that most serves you and those you come into contact with.

Chris Cade
Getting Things Changed

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