I Am Grateful

Monarch Butterfly
In Gratitude for being a Butterfly

I Am Grateful

I am grateful for all the new things;

New day, new dawn, moon dew and love you.

I am grateful for all the old things;

Old shoes, old friends, starlight and love you.

I am grateful or all the slow things,

Slow dance, slow nights, water light and love you.

I am grateful for all the warm things,

Warm eye, warm hearts, passion sighs and love you.

I am grateful for all things,

Sweet things, soft things, splendors all,

And most of all….love you.

By Nick Grimshawe

What are you grateful for? Let me know.

Try this for a week. In your journal each night write out five things in your day that you were grateful for: but they must be different things…don’t repeat for a week.

Do you keep a gratitude journal?

Is there someone in your life you have not forgiven for some reason.

Find a way to write about something about them you are grateful for.

When you receive an unexpected gift, do you express your gratitude immediately? Do you thank the universe or god?

The more you write and express your gratitude…the closer you come to expressing the goodness all ready within you.

Go out today and find five things your are grateful for in the first hour of your day.

Have fun.

I am grateful if you came to this blog post today and read this. I am grateful if you go out and practice the work.

Have fun.

Nick Grimshawe

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