4 Great Times to Bless Your Food

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Editors Note: Healthy Living is very much apart of living a full and rewarding life of magic. What better way to recognize the role of food in your life than to take time to bless the food that sustains us. Below in Mariana’s article are 4 great ways to bless food. If you have another one or want to make a comment please use the comment section below.



4 Great Times to Bless Your Food

┬ęby Mariana Ashley

One of the most common forms of prayer is the blessing of food. This is important for many reasons, but one of the main reasons is that it makes us aware of our life on earth and thankful for being provided with the sustenance to exist. This is actually a somewhat profound type of prayer, and, if you don’t regularly bless your food or have fallen into a habit of rushing mealtimes, you should try it! Use some of these tips for a week, and watch how your eating habits and level of stress change for the better!

1. As You Cook

Cooking is a wonderful time to add harmonious energy to your meals. They say that food cooked with love is best for a reason. As you prepare dinner, take a moment to relax your mind. While you are washing vegetables take the time to feel them with your hands and think about where they came from. Treat the ingredients with care, and respect their original flavors. Create a peaceful environment as you cook, and that energy will carry over into meal times. Also, make sure to enjoy yourself. Try out new flavors and cook dishes that you love to eat.

2. Before You Eat

As you sit down to eat, take a moment to look at the plate of food you are about to consume. Close your eyes and say any kind of prayer you like. It can be aloud or to yourself, but it is often more powerful to say things aloud, as our minds can become distracted with inner thoughts. Say thanks for the gift of food that you are about to receive and visualize your plate filled with energy. Imagine that your food is being filled to its highest potential of nutrients.

3. While You Eat

Many of us have heard about conscious eating as a diet fad. People blindfold themselves while eating, eat slowly, chew every bite, and take breaks between bites, and then stop when they are full. Typically they take their blindfolds off to realize they have eaten about half the amount they would usually need to feel full. This is because we have become accustomed to eating quickly and without consciousness of the act. Next time you eat, take the time to breathe deeply between bites and truly taste the flavors. Give thanks for the sustenance you are receiving.

4. As You Garden or Shop

Gardening is one of the best ways to be conscious of the food you eat, because you were a part of its creation. Even if you don’t have the ability to keep a full garden, try growing herbs or tomatoes inside. Feel the soil with your hands and think about your life force moving into the things you grow. Just the act of creating life reminds one of its values. Also, as you shop, give thanks for the produce you put in your cart. Choose things that are ripe, vibrant, and beautiful. Fill the food with light as you choose each item.

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