A Prayer for the People of Japan

Map of Japan
Image by Oregon State University Archives via Flickr

We have all seen the videos, over and over. To see that wall of water sweeping everything in it’s path, away is sobering indeed. Combine that with the problems at the nuclear reactors, and the volcano and you cannot help me feel a need to do something to help.

There are many ways that you can contribute through the Red Cross and other organizations. But you can also help with a prayer.

And for this, I think, there is no better than the prayer of  Ho’oponopono.

Ho’oponopono means to make right . It is a process of forgiveness and healing of clearing away or cleansing.

Here are the words to say, over and over again out loud or under your breath.
I am sorry,

Please Cialis Professional forgive me,

Thank You,

I love You.


It is simple and elegant and very powerful.

Say the lines at least ten times before going to bed, and again when waking up, and at times during the day when you are not occupied by the immediate concerns of the day.


I am sorry,

Please forgive me,

Thank You

I love you.


With Love



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